A Letter from the CEO

How We Live Out Our Moral Imperative

In Our Mission:

Moving people to permanent self-sufficiency by providing access to housing stability, education, employment, economic development, and vital services.

Through Our CASTLE Values:

Being an example of Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truth, Love, and Effectiveness as we give people a hand up and a way to get back on their feet when life has knocked them down.

In Our Services:

Recognizing that all people require stability in order to get back on their feet—food and a safe home to live in; employment to pay their bills; family, friendship and support; self-respect that comes from being able to provide for themselves and their children; and recognition for their hard work.

We recognize that those who are in a low-wealth status need the resources and will to move forward, and that those in the middle-class need the resources and encouragement to prevent their falling into crisis. In these difficult economic times, more households live on that edge than ever before. We seek to support both groups in attaining meaningful careers, saving for the future, and leveraging their self-sufficiency into the next generation. A strong middle class provides a solid consumer base for business, invigorates economic activity, and fuels job creation. In order to thrive economically as a society low-wealth households must move up and middle-class households must stay financially healthy.

Studies have shown that when households are provided with the basics of housing, education and employment these impacts are documented:

  • 35% increase in children's grades at all levels of school
  • 23% increase in general health of household members
  • 68% increase in overall household financial condition
  • 58% decrease in household conflict, teen criminal activity, and teen pregnancy

The primary goal of Hope University, a subsidiary of HopeSource, is to equip families to make good decisions for themselves and their families and to provide a way for them break the cycle of dependency permanently.

  • We believe—the traditional view of people as helpless and powerless to change their situation with a need to be ‘rescued and fixed’ by someone else is ineffective and harmful.
  • We believe—instead that people can make good decisions for themselves and their families when provided with the appropriate skills, encouragement and support of friends and the community.
  • We believe—everyone should have a safe, affordable place to live and call home
  • We believe—everyone should have sufficient nutritious food to function well at school and work
  • We believe—everyone who is able to work deserves the tools, skills and opportunity to succeed and should take advantage of that opportunity
  • We believe—everyone deserves the education needed to succeed and grow long term
  • We believe—ensuring physical and mental health and well-being is a long-term investment in the community
  • We believe—neighbor helping neighbor is the path to unleashing the power of a community

We believe, together with you, we can make that difference!

With warm regard,