1:1 Coaching Program

Resource Guide


In addition to in-person and online workshops, Hope University offers follow-up 1:1 coaching services. After gaining basic knowledge in the workshops, clients are encouraged to set up an individual coaching session to help them set goals, make a goal plan, and implement it. The goal plan is made up of "action steps" taken from the program’s seven step-by-step workbooks that provide a structured path for clients by translating the information they learned in core classes into specific "action steps". The frequency of these coaching meetings is dependent on the client's goals. The length of coaching ranges from one session to weekly sessions up to six weeks, depending on the goal.

Areas of Focus

Personal Finance

Get control of your household finances by setting financial goals and implementing them with tools such as a spending diary, working budget, bill pay schedule, automated savings account and debt stepladder plan.

Organization and Time-Management

Create an action plan to organize your environment. Learn strategies to make the most of your time, beat procrastination, and reduce stress.


Write an effective tailored resume, one step at a time. Steps include brainstorming content, using a formula to write job descriptions, and rewording your objective to meet different job requirements.

Job Search

Make a strategic job search plan using the most effective and up to date strategies. This process involves building a job-searching toolkit, breaking up your day by using multiple job searching strategies, completing applications and interviews, and closing the deal.

Interview Preparation

Prepare for job interviews by brainstorming and practicing answers to common interview questions.

NorthStar Professional Development

Refresh yourself on the basics of professionalism, from customer service to character, teamwork, appearance, communication, and productivity.

Short Resume

Build a one-size-fits-all resume in a few hours.