Efficient Use of Funds.

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HopeSource has worked hand in hand with the people of Kittitas County since 1966 to address problems of poverty among our neighbors. HopeSource manages a diversity of programs encompassing shelter for homeless persons, youth programs, food and nutrition, elderly and disabled supports, home improvement, energy services, and veterans’ services. Our programs extend the length and breadth of the county.

Our mission is to move people to self-sufficiency by providing access to education, employment, economic development and vital services. We ran a budget of approximately 3.9M in 2014, 4.97M in 2015, 5.19M in 2016 and 5.90 in 2017. Since 2004, we have continually received a clean audit report from external auditors on the presentation and accountability of the funds we receive from grantors.

The latest Audit report shows that the current ratio (an accounting device that shows the ability of an organization to meet its short term financial obligations) was 2.71 in 2017. The net assets have increased from 1,026,155 in 2014 to 2,344,651 in 2017. A consistent record was maintained regarding the way we spend the money we receive. For the year 2017 we spent 9% on administration. In real terms, this means that only $9 of each $100 we received in 2017 went towards administrative expenses. During this time period we have increased our services and accomplished even more towards helping others in our community than we had in previous years.

We feel this is an excellent time for us to explore additional opportunities, both for better helping the targeted population, and the available resources to land such opportunities.

Please forward all financial questions that you have to amehtsentu@hopesource.us or call (509)925-1448.

To enable HopeSource's efficient and effective work to help more families in our community achieve self-sufficiency,

Financial Disclosure

Interested parties may download HopeSource's 2011 - 2015 audits in .pdf format below. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download the latest version here.